6 in Chamber: Slot Overview

Grab your gun! Lucksome has chosen the futuristic Western-themed online slot 6 in the Chamber. We already know how popular Western slots are, as if they had a strange psychic pull that attracts casino game creators and gamers. The genre has good, poor, and ugly possibilities. Lucksome has put a lot of thought into 6 in the Chamber, creating a monster of a game that harsh riders within its scope will be jumping to duel with.

Lucksome’s thematic approach is first. Instead of stepping back to the 18 or 1900s, players enter a steampunk/cyberpunk Western. This is similar to Firefly, a cult favorite set in 2517 and about a motley gang of starfarers living on the frontier in space. Epic show, but just one season. Anyway, 6 in the Chamber is similar, like Money Train 2 and 3. In the game, Miracle City is a neon-lit futuristic town in the cosmos with a gun on the right. It’s not only for show with the gun. Winning may cause it to shoot lasers.

Lucksome gives gamers a laser weapon and a lot of statistics data. This is a volatile slot, however feature buy/choice can change volatility. RTP ranges from 96.06% to 96.21% when triggering the Hunter Side Bet or 96.05% to 96.29% when buying a bonus. 6 in the Chamber has a lot of features and restrictions, yet its grid is simple. With 5 reels and 4 rows, there are 10 fixed paylines for winning combinations.

Symbols with 10, J, Q, K, and duelling pistols represent low pay, whereas high pay symbols include a bottle of whiskey, bundles of money, a sharp shooting woman, a guy with a bow, and a sheriff. A full 5-of-a-kind victory pays 2.5 to 10 times the stake for lows and 20 to 100 times for highs. Sheriff badges are wild and can replace any pay symbol.

Chamber 6: Slot Features

You’ll want to select whether to play 6 in the Chamber in Hunter Mode first, as it changes the game. Cascades, Ricochet Wilds, free games, Scatter Wilds, Bonus Buys, and the Bonus Feature Exchange are the next major elements to remove.

Hunter Mode

Hunter Mode raises the stake 50%. Hunter Free Games can be triggered by Hunter Mode’s increased Bounty values.


For each successful combo, the cascade feature replaces the reel symbols with symbols from above. The pistol can be shot after each base cascade won. The first two bullets may add Ricochet Wilds, while the last four can strike Bounty Wins for reward values. Bounties alter with each spin and are shown above the reels. The first and second cascade wins ensure Ricochet Wilds in free spins.

Free Games

Free spins provide Large and X-Large Bounties, which take two shots to win. Hunter Free Games provide the largest bounty. 3+ scatters with Hunter Mode off allow players to choose:

Rookie Free Games feature the lowest volatility and 20,000x max win.

Elite Free Games, with more volatility and 50,000x max win.

Elite offers additional spins, and dead spins boost reward values. Free games guarantee Ricochet Wilds on the first two cascades.

Free Hunter Mode Games

Hunter mode gives 6, 8, or 10 free spins for 3, 4, or 5 scatters. Technically, this mode offers the biggest bounties.

Symbol, Ricochet Wild, Scatter Wild

Ricochet Wilds replacing pay symbols may appear after the first and second cascade wins. Ricochet Wilds transform bonus scatter symbols into scatter wilds. Ricochet Wilds replace neighboring symbols one spot above, below, and to the sides of the original wild.

Track Bounty Records

This tracks which Bounty Board characters have hit. It shows the amount of Bounty Characters struck and won and their biggest wins.

Bonus Buy

The feature purchase offers 3 possibilities. These are 6-10 Rookie spins for 65 times the stake, 8+ Elite spins for 80 times, or 10 Hunter Spins for 150 times.

Features Exchange

Feature Exchange appears on game round winnings of 100x the bet or greater. A Special Super Free Games bonus guarantees the top Buffalo Bill prize from the start of the round and locks it. Players can collect their earnings or risk them. The feature swap lets players pick Rookie, Elite, or Hunter mode. Operators can disable Hunter Mode to reduce the maximum win potential from 100,000x to 50,000x.

6 in Chamber: Slot Results

Yeah, there was a lot to cover, but when you get beyond the details, 6 in the Chamber isn’t that tough. The problem is that there are many more things to consider, engage in, and understand. You could defy the restrictions, jump in raw, and start shooting. I hope you shoot a lot since it may mean you’re powering through cascading sequences to reach those Bounties, which could be substantial depending on numerous things. It may seem like too many elements determine 6 of the Chamber’s possible outcomes. Regardless of the bet, you can’t just press play and go all the way. 6 in the Chamber is like that, but you must pay for the Hunter Side Bet to maximize its potential.

This is when 6 in the Chamber reaches its full 100,000x max winning potential (if enabled by the operator), as the game seems designed to achieve. So much so that some may wonder why Lucksome included Hunter Side Bet. While options are always excellent, the game data claims that the top Buffalo Bill reward is worth ‘100,000 x base bet’. That sounds different than 100,000 times the entire wager, and while multiplied by the base bet is still a huge payout, it’s not as big. Though confusing, it shouldn’t matter when buying the Hunter Bonus Round.

Titanic numbers are 6 in the Chamber’s headlining, but their vehicle is outstanding. With all the shooting animations and possibilities, it may be slow for some, but this is the West (a spacey version), so there’s shooting, and Lucksome’s gaming environment is really creative. 6 in the Chamber may be too difficult for those that prefer Deadwood, Tombstone RIP, or Dead or Alive 2, but it offers unique gameplay and huge prizes for good gunslingers.